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Jan 12, 2013 3:00pm PST
? >> there was no boulevard. it came in in the teens. this was the sunnyside, just northeast of city college. another early land scheme, and this is a point you were making, that streetcars were in a very important factor in getting the west side settled. so he built the first electric streetcar in san francisco, and he conveniently had to go right to a bunch of land he owned where he created the sunnyside, which was a suburb. you take the streetcar out to the suburbs. >> outside a town was the way it was described. not that far. >> far enough. and it was not sunday, either. >> again, it is all marketing. >> i'm looking at the names of streets. who got to name the streets in these new sÑ what is interestins alphabetical on the sunny side. acadia. it is alphabetical. it ended at hamburg. in world war room in one, people did not like it. they thought it was -- world war i, people did not like it. they thought it was too german. >> there are two in bayview hunters. . there is one that treasure
Jan 8, 2013 5:00am PST
. that is very stylist. mr. blackwell would approve. 30s and 40s but ones we get through the fog sunnyside up and warmer and 50s and 60s on the high, here is sal. >>> well, if you are going to san francisco and if you are using any of the bridges, it looks good. also on westbound bridge, coming down to the golden gate bridge, that traffic is nice, let's go back to the desk. >>> we are starting with new details on the san francisco bay, this morning the coast guard will be meeting with the oil tanker which sideswiped the bay bridge. he has this new information about the bar pilot and about that accident, good morning. >>> they have learned the bar pilot in yesterday's collision did pass but the results of a drug test are expected to be back later on today. i want to show you it is a 750- foot oil tanker, it sideswiped one of the bay bridge toll plazas and as this investigation unfolds, they gathered evidence on board. a spokesperson gathered to say they will interview them and he's largely identified as george lease. yesterday his accident happened at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut
Jan 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
bit, and then you have dpw start cleaning up. the people move across the street to sunnyside and the rose hotel people hose down the sidewalk and clean it up. when it's dry ancl
Jan 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
cleaning up. the people move across the street to sunnyside and the rose hotel people hose down the sidewalk and clean it up. when it's dry and clean the people move back over torose hotel. it goes on 365 days a year. who is paying for it? it's not the taxpayers. can something be done with it? thank you. >> thank you sir. any further general public comment? one more. >> as many -- >> hi. i'm sixth street small business owner and i think you guys have noticed over the last six years there are a lot of new businesses on the street. there is probably between five and eight businesses there in the last five years and i want you to let you know we're working hard to bring respectability to the area. i know my business is bringing large crowds for lunch everyday and we're working hard and it's a challenging environment to work in. we need help. we need the support of the police department. there is only so much we can do. god knows it's hard to run a business in general in the city let alone to do it on sixth street. we are going the extra mile. please support us. please
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am PST
the clouds and breeze it will be another cool morning but sunnyside up, mid-60s as we head to friday, starting off saturday not bad and clouds increase sunday. >>> the ceo is extending his help to boeing. they are talking with the chief engineer of 787 dream liners and those problems range from fire to battery meltdowns. they say changing the batteries may proof worthy. >>> it is 7% of the entire palo alto based software facility. they will eliminate some facilities and eliminate some of their lines. that announcement looks like the shares on the stock will open down at about 15%. >>> keep an eye on zing go. shares in the san francisco mafia war jumped 14%. they are reporting 4th quarter earnings and apple is getting ready to release a new ipad twice as big as the last one. >>> i know you like magic and we will have more on the decision of whether the nomes will have to vanish. what they say about the mysterious creatures that have been attached to utility poles. >>> and what is happening in the ocean which is eating up the beaches? stay with us. we will e -- we will explain. q x .
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
of the can collectors are the working poor. he have one who is supporting four kids in sunnyside queens with her can collecting. she drops her kids off at school before she collects cans, then spends the entire night sorting cans with her husband. lilly used up a job in chinatown, which is still suffering from the effects of the world trade center. this restaurant jobs are still gone. she used to work in a restaurant. shias on the street 20 hours a day working. you cannot find a boss -- she never stops. she got ran jon and i when we were trying to fill her request is a science how the massive number of cans are balanced on shopping carts as they walk through the streets. where did they bring them to? >> the recycling centers, any place that sells a bottle is supposed to redeem them. lots of places are not happy to have lots of people dragging clanking banks through their while other people are trying to buy toothpaste. it is very difficult for people to redeem. that is the hardest part of their job. the may redemption center in chinatown was destroyed by hurricane sandy. this really put
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
to drive down a very cold system starting wednesday night into thursday. today, though, sunnyside up looks good. it will be slightly warm. then it's tougher. upper 50s in the fog. i think low to mid-60s. temperatures, they top out today and they will go way down thursday and friday. we'll go from the 60s to the upper 40s and low 50s. morning fog, but then sunny, warmer. temperatures above average but then a much colder. not a lot of rain if any with this system. if there's enough moisture, snow level could get down to 1500, 2,000 feet. but i think cold and windy is the two main systems. 60s for some. 50s for others. fairfield, 57. 62 petaluma, santa rosa, 63. stinson probably will be nice along with much of the coast. 56 antioch. 59 concord. martinez, pleasant hill. 62, berkeley, alameda, oakland looks nice. mid-60s here. santa cruz, capitola should be great. even on the coast. half moon bay, pacifica daly city. atherton, redwood city all in there and san core lows. fog will be on -- san carlos. fog will be on the increase. very cold mornings i don't think there will be a lot of moisture.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)